In This Moment

January 22, 2022


Life is available only
in the present moment.

As I open to the energies of Ema’s communication to us, I see that among other messages from this big fluffy teacher is being present in the now. In this moment. She has rather changed our patterns and rhythms here at MossTerra. She wants to be close. And so I am now working much of the time on the dining table here at the house instead of my office. I will be absolutely focused on my computer when she comes over, stands next to me, and just stares. If I don’t immediately shift my attention to her, she does this little dance and starts to talk to me. Be here now. Be here now with me. Be here in this moment with me. And if you feel like scratching my ears, that would be wonderful.

And we are absolutely living this time from moment to moment with her. How is she doing? What does she need…a cookie? Some tuna? Does she need to go outside? Will she make it back up the stairs this time? She has our attention. Sometimes divided or distracted but not for long. Dennis and I were reflecting this morning that in this journey of transition Ema has contrived a rather wonderful piece of time for herself. And we are happy to give her that. For as long as this journey takes. 

In this moment. I was thinking back to another time when Dennis and I were so focused on the moment. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. While I had a strong sense that I would survive, and it’s now been seven years, we just didn’t know. One never knows with that diagnosis. And in those weeks and months before my surgery, we found ourselves stopping and holding each other and whispering, ‘in this moment.’. In this moment we are well and happy. In this moment I love you. And those moments were essential grounding in that unknown journey. Just as these moments with Ema are essential grounding in hers.

For indeed, life is only available in the present moment. In this moment. 

Judith –

6 thoughts on “In This Moment

  1. Several minutes ago, I heard about Thick Nhat Hanh. And I’ve been thinking about Ema’s journey. Now there are two journeys toward a spirit land. And many more, I’m sure.

    • Yes, my friend. Two..and so many more. Absolutely. Interesting someone read this post and private messaged me to ask if I knew Thich Nhat Hanh had made his transition. Of course I did. How could I not? And I didn’t reference that in the post intentionally. For that would have focused on his death. Including his wisdom focused on his legacy.

  2. Thank you Judith for allowing us to be witness to the journey you and Denise are walking with Ema…my love surrounds you all…

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