How Prayer Works

February 26, 2022


I want the perfect partner, that new house, a car that works. We may be on our knees, figuratively or literally, with hands clasped. But this is not prayer. This is wishful thinking.

When we encounter the sacred there is the invitation to shift our vibrational signature, there is the invitation to sacred communion. And sacred communion is the landscape of prayer. In this landscape we offer our vibration and life force energy to Divine Will which is all and always about love, peace, and harmony. We offer our energy to support that unfolding. 

In prayer we do not specify the outcome. That is not ours to determine. In prayer we join with the cosmic and divine energies for there is great power in this. So much greater than us. In this time, I join with others around the world praying for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. 

Rooted in the sacred, I pray that Divine Will shall be manifest. That there shall be peace.

This. This is how prayer works.


2 thoughts on “How Prayer Works

  1. “In prayer we do not specify the outcome.” Rather we join with the divine so that peace might be manifest. Which would or should mean peace in Ukraine. Thank you for your wisdom, which I’m happy to endorse. And to share in the prayer for peace in Ukraine.

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