Ancestors Standing With Us

March 4, 2022



considering human beings
as the most significant 
entity of the universe


Note: I started this blog post two weeks ago. And then the horrific invasion of Ukraine happened and it just didn’t feel right to continue. It was important to step back and acknowledge what was unfolding. The horror, yes. But also the resilience and spirit of the Ukrainian people and the solidarity of others around the globe, for within this spirit and solidarity there is hope and inspiration. I stepped away to focus my prayers with all of that. Now, the ancestors are calling me to back to the writing.

I connect with ancestors every day. The portal guardians. The ancestor who has shown me rituals and ceremonies of ancient Ireland. Periodically I connect with my dad and others in our Irish lineage. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you know I also write about ancestral connections. More a communion, really.

And there is often the question of which ancestors I’m referring to. Some are biological. Some are soul ancestors of my past lives. Some are ancestors that have lived at least one life on Earth and those I connect with are generally mystics and wisdom keepers from more ancient times who are deeply concerned about the trajectory of our human condition. 

Yet not all ancestors are human. Indeed, in many ancient cultures trees, mountains, and stones were also considered ancestors. Mother Earth herself is our most ancient ancestor. And indeed, we are all woven together in the web of life and share, are blessed with, a sacred animating life force energy. Everything in that web holds a vibratory signature. Everything in that web holds ancient wisdom…if we are willing to listen for it and join our vibration with theirs in sacred communion. If we are willing to abandon our anthropocentric cultural conditioning. If we are willing to accept that we are not the center of the universe.

As we hold a sacred intention that all life on this precious planet will thrive, that there will be peace and harmony, we need all the wisdom and power available. We need the wisdom and power of all the ancestors. They share this intention. They are standing with us.


2 thoughts on “Ancestors Standing With Us

  1. I like your expansive consideration of ancestors. That they are not all human is appealing to ponder. You vividly show how connected we are to Earth and for good or ill Earth to us.

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