Legendary Inspiration

April 14, 2022


I made my way past the Bigfoot t-shirts and tote bags to a cashier. I remembered there was a legend associated with the magnificent Multnomah waterfalls and had found nothing on any visitor center signage. Surely there would be something at the gift shop. I was directed to the only place the legend appeared. On a coffee mug.

Seriously? There are an estimated two million people who visit the falls each year and the only legend they will likely discover is an elusive and dubious Sasquatch?

With more than a 500 foot drop, these falls on the Columbia River Gorge are a magnificent wonder of the natural world. The very kind of wonder that fosters human relationship and inspires stories and legends that come from those relationships. This legend of a Multnomah princess is no exception. It’s a legend of cosmic relationship, a legend of love and sacrifice. It’s a legend for this time and all time.




There was a terrible sickness that threatened lives of the Multnomah people. An old medicine man revealed that the sickness had been foretold but that it would pass if a maiden descendant of a tribal chief would throw herself from a high cliff above the big river and onto the rocks below. The chief was not willing to sacrifice any of the princesses, so he elected to allow the sickness to run its course.

When the Chief’s daughter saw that the sickness had affected her lover, she went up to the top of the cliff and threw herself to the rocks below. Upon her death, the sickness immediately began to leave the affected people.

Now, when the breeze blows through the water, a silvery stream separates from the upper falls. The misty stream fashions a form of the maiden, a token of the Great Spirit’s acceptance of her sacrifice.


I didn’t see her misty form. But I felt the energies of natural wonder and cosmic connection. I’m sure other visitors were also touched by the natural wonder. But what inspiration might have touched them had they known of the legend? 


3 thoughts on “Legendary Inspiration

  1. Wonderful thought. A purpose of legends is connecting us with our light w world in ways beyond words. Our imagination sorts and reconnects separated falling water, forming the images of our legend. Thank you for opening a new connection.

  2. I’m grateful that you told the story of the princess and the miracle of health. Do I need to say that Sasquatch is topped? Even Sasquatch would agree. I’ve seen the falls in photographs, and certainly it’s a special place. I’m happy that you tell us why.

    • Thank you my friend! And your posts of late have been wonderful. Been occupied with intense and wonderful family time. But have read them. And…may we all live in a legendary world!

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