A Rite Of Passage

April 19, 2022


I just heard the drum echo through the woods. They will soon be entering the lodge.

My dear friend and sacred sister, Diane, offers most sweat lodges here at MossTerra these days. It’s her passion. She was born to it. When her lodgers gather, it’s often my pleasure and honor to welcome them and provide some history and insights about this magical landscape. Today it was an exceptional honor to meet with the three men gathered.

All three have done lodges here but it’s been a few years. Christopher and his cousin Abe have been here many times. Abe’s son, Asa, was here for a winter lodge when he was eight years old but at the time was much more interested in playing in the snow than the lodge. However today is Asa’s sixteenth birthday and when his dad asked him how he wanted to celebrate, suggesting perhaps a barbecue with his friends, Asa asked for a sweat lodge. His dad and uncle were both surprised and delighted. Rather than a casual party, this will be an extraordinary opportunity for them to share wisdom with Asa. Wisdom they wish their fathers and uncles had shared with them, wisdom they have gathered over the years.

Men of spirit, they hold deep wisdom and have claimed many of the sacred traditions of their indigenous tribal culture. They walk in the world with strength and beauty and clarity. A great light shines in their eyes. It was good to see them again and I wanted to let them know about the link to the ancestor portal in Ireland and the presence of so many ancestor spirits and energies. For those who can see, apparently MossTerra is thick with them. I suspected Christopher and Abe would feel that presence immediately. As we sat together this morning and I was sharing this, Christopher laughed. Well, that explains it, he said. Both he and Abe got little sleep last night as they were kept awake by visits from ancestral energies. 

I won’t be here in the Round when they return for a potluck. I never am as I feel it’s important to allow the insights and integration to be held by those who were in the lodge. But I know I will eventually hear stories. I know that today will have been a mystical and powerful rite of passage for Asa. 

It’s such a profound honor to offer this container for these extraordinary experiences. 


4 thoughts on “A Rite Of Passage

  1. Just beautiful.. I don’t often comment but enjoy your posts Judith

  2. Thanks Beloved Judith, for your support and love for all beings. The ancestors were many, they allowed me to see the energy for just a split second it looked like fog. I would also like to thank Denise as well. Hope you enjoy the gift my new passion.
    CHI HO !!!

    • Ah, Christopher. My honor. So delighted you saw the fog of energy. It’s thick. And thank you. I/we love your gift. So stunning. You are clearly good at this new passion!!! Sending love from both of us.

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