Different Dialects In The Language Of Soul

April 23, 2022


We’ve never met each other and I doubt we ever will. But we follow each other’s blogs. I appreciate his writing but am particularly attracted to his bright spirit and bow tie. 

Over the year I’ve been following Christopher’s blog, I’ve come to understand that he aligns himself with the Christian tradition. His eloquent and prolific writing is steeped in this. His reflections are profoundly thoughtful and thought provoking. 

I’m not aligned with the Christian tradition. Not even remotely. 

I don’t always resonate with what Christopher writes and I’m sure he doesn’t always resonate with my writings. But there is a resonance that goes beyond words. There is a resonance that flows from the depths of spiritual passion and it is there we find each other. It is there that we speak the same language. Perhaps different dialects. But the same language.

The language of soul.

Bless you, Christopher. And thank you for being in this world…and in my life. You are an inspiration.


Note: The photo of Christopher is from his blog site. https://clcouch123.wordpress.com


1 thought on “Different Dialects In The Language Of Soul

  1. My goodness, Judith, thank you! No, we don’t have to align in everything; but your work and your voice bear spirit and wisdom, beauty and truth (better than Keats). For sharing your Irish and your insight and your soul, I am so thankful. Your friend, Christopher

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