Lights Of Hope

April 27, 2022



That little face in the photo is my new great-nephew Nohek at three weeks old. Nohek means Morning Star in his father’s Mayan heritage and he shines one of the brightest lights I’ve ever seen. 

We are all born with this light. It’s implicit in what my spiritual teachers have named our divine inheritance of love, joy, peace, light, and enthusiastic abundant life. Nohek is clearly enthusiastic to be here and his joy is infectious. When I had the pleasure to meet him a few weeks ago I sang a song to him and he became incredibly animated. Huge smiles and laughter and arms waving in the air. This went on for several minutes and trust me, it wasn’t because I have a good singing voice. 

Thank you for the love that you are,
Thank you for the light that you are,
Thank you for the blessing you are,
You are sacred to me. 

As has been true in cultures around the world, it is our job, especially as elders, to see and acknowledge that light when the little ones arrive. And it is our job to nurture that light. In this, Nohek chose the perfect parents. Yet beyond the little ones, we must nurture that light in ourselves and each other.

A while back I created a new byline for this blog, when we encounter the sacred, for sacred encounter is much what I write about. Perhaps in this time of descending darkness when the world is filled with stories of anger and fear it’s more about re-encountering the sacred in ourselves. It’s more about remembering that we hold a light that, intrinsic in our divine inheritance, no one can take away from us. 

Within those who are coming to this world and those of us who are already here, this light is more essential than ever. For these lights – yours, mine, and Nohek’s – are the lights of hope.

Let them shine!!!!