Yes. But They’re All Dead.

May 30, 2022


For those of you who are also following my Crone blog, you will know that this time in Ireland has been unfolding in energies of spiritual depth I could never have imagined. And as I wrote in the Crone blog, it’s been and continues to be like drinking out of a fire hose. 

And this writing could have easily been posted on my Crone blog instead of here. For the work of connecting with ancestral and spiritual realms is very much the pervue of elders and Crones, implicit in our journey to become ancestors ourselves. However for some reason this wanted to be written here. And so, in the words of Anthony Murphy but without the graphics, bear with me. 

Spiritual encounter and connection is the journey that calls to all of us. It’s for us to answer that call, think Joseph Campbell, at any stage in our lives. The call never goes away. We just don’t listen as we choose to be consumed with distractions, especially the distractions of our devices and social media. But that’s another rabbit hole for another day.

In these last weeks here in Ireland the sacred encounters have been constant. The connections with those in other realms have been ever-present. And the ancestral messages have been loud and clear and persistent…and demanding. They’ve been very directive about the way forward for both the circle that has now come together from this journey and for us as individuals.

I was in a session with my spiritual teacher last week as I was trying to get grounded in all that has been coming through for me. And I mentioned the very loud and directive messages from some of the ancestors. They seem to have a plan and are very insistent that we follow it.

That’s when he said, “Yes. But they are all dead.” And I just about fell off my chair laughing. His counsel on this was, as it always is, profound.

The reason we connect with ancestral energies and wisdom is not to replicate what they did. They lived in another time and did was appropriate for that time. We are in this now and while they hold wisdom we don’t have, we hold wisdom they don’t have. Ours is the wisdom of the world as it is and it is ours to adapt and apply ancient wisdom for what is needed in this time. There is absolutely an urgent need in this time which may well explain the urgent and directive messages. But we can resonate with the sense of urgency without accepting the plan. We will create what is needed. 

My teacher’s counsel also shed a bright light on why I was so underwhelmed by the Bealtaine Festival some of us attended this year, an event so many others thought was spectacularly amazing. But that is perhaps the rabbit hole for the next post. 

For now I will just continue talking with the dead.


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  1. Your teacher’s comment is apt. So is nearly falling off your chair. Ancestors are in the past, which makes connection not impossible but relevant as you create and re-create. Or as you say it better with regard to the current challenge, “We will create what is needed.” Bless your connecting, Judith–Christopher

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