Returning Home

July 23, 2022


Hiraeth n. (Welsh)
A spiritual longing for a home which maybe never was.
Nostalgia for ancient places to which we cannot return.
It is the echo of the lost places of our soul’s past and our grief for them.
It is in the wind, and the rocks, and the waves.
It is nowhere and it is everywhere.

There is still so much arriving and unfolding from my time in Ireland. The story of that time and of the journey ahead cannot yet be completely written. But it’s landing. And it continues to be the most profound spiritual experience of my life. One I could never have imagined. Good thing this unfolding isn’t limited by my imagination!

One thing is clear. We can absolutely return to those ancient places and ancient knowings.  We can absolutely visit those places of our soul’s past. I realize that this Hiraeth, this spiritual longing, has carried me on this path for decades. Now my alliance with those sacred places and times and ancestral energies is indeed everywhere…and now. A threshold has been crossed and while there is no turning back, nor would I want to, there is in this a returning. A returning home.

I have returned to the place of my soul’s past and now that past is present. The Sacred Alliance of ancestral and Druidic energies, Earth energies and cosmic energies walk with me every day as they did in Ireland. My current focus is to sustain that alignment as I navigate both the spiritual and secular aspects of my life. This will take some practice. But as my teacher counseled, this flow will become more fluent and familiar.

I’ve mentioned before that the Sacred Ireland Journeys as they have been in the past will no longer be. For across this threshold lies the energy of future gatherings in Ireland. We gather to forge a deeper relationship with the Sacred Alliance. We gather to forge a stronger ability to connect with and share the Light. We do this for our people and for our precious planet.

I can imagine no greater honor and no better way to spend the rest of my life. What a blessing. A blessing that is in the stones and the wind and the waves. A blessing of returning home.


With deep gratitude to my beloved for finding this piece on Hiraeth. Your support is an anchor on this journey.

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  1. Welcome home! You have stepped through the portal and the ancestors walk beside you always.

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