The Bridge Times

July 24, 2022


The meditation was complete in the dimly lit cairn and she slowly opened her eyes. Standing directly in front of her was a bearded and robed figure. She sensed he was Druid. I was not surprised. It was crowded in there, well beyond the eight of us on the second Ireland journey. 

I had emailed the sisters on the first journey that we would be at the cairn that afternoon and before I started the ceremony I called them in energetically. They joined us from across the US and Canada. When I got back to the B&B I got this email from one of those sisters. 

The cairn is surrounded, bathed, filled with Light.
Druids of all generations stand shoulder-to-shoulder across the Landscape.
Ancestors into the deepest reaches of time are there too, in joyful, solid support.

That was the nature of these journeys. We were constantly surrounded by ancestral energies. And while that is pretty amazing, I want to focus on the energies of joy and support. For the ancestors were just so happy and even grateful that we were stepping into the energies of our ancient sacred vows. It’s like they had been waiting. And finally we had come to this land and this focus. That message was powerful and persistent.

And there is an urgency in this anticipation. These times we are living in call us all to step more clearly into our spiritual nature. For these are the bridge times. These are the times that have been prophesied by ancient cultures around the world. Some I included in my Legacy book. But there are many others and some go as far as naming these times apocalyptic. A dramatic assessment but these are dramatic times, especially as we continue this collision course with climate catastrophe and cultural dissolution.

These are the bridge times between what was and what will be, what can be. There is tremendous hope in this and hope is what the ancestors are here to support and celebrate. They are absolutely here for us if we will stand in a place of being here for ourselves, for our people and our planet. If we stand in a place of right relationship with the Earth, the Sacred, and Community.

I’m reminded that among the many global prophecies is that of Ireland’s Tuatha Dé. The prophecy of their return from the Sídhe mounds when they are most needed. And when we are ready. Are we ready?

The profound unfolding from our Ireland experiences began when those of us on the first journey stood in ceremony and said ‘yes’. We are ready. We are ready to stand in that place of sacred connection. We are ready for the hope and possibility of these bridge times.


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  1. What a special and extraordinary experience you describe. And the insight that goes with it–impressive and exigent. I should be glad to have the Tuatha Dé return.

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