Blooming Intentions

July 28, 2022


I heard music and looked out the cottage window. Rory was standing inches from the climbing roses playing his tin whistle. He told me later they were actually teaching him a new song. We were horrified when a woman who was, and is no longer, tending the
garden whacked back the roses without any warning or permission. I do understand that conventional wisdom counsels that roses need to be drastically cut back every so often. This is just not a convention at HazelWood Cottage.

Rory was particularly distraught and has spent the last months sitting with the roses, feeding them seaweed mixtures, and playing music to them. I understand the roses are now blooming profusely. 

Rory living at the cottage, his music and gentle nature and bright spirit, is a gift I could never have imagined. And so it’s a good thing I didn’t…try to imagine it. Yet I did set an intention.

Before we bought the cottage with a colleague, I had gone in by myself and asked what the cottage wanted. The response was clear. She wanted life and color and music and harmony. However those first years were counter to that intention and the energy was not good. It was tense and angry and dark and palpable. So I created this intention.

HazelWood Cottage
Your sacred nature & purpose
Shall manifest with
Strength & clarity
Grace & harmony

Within months the energy shifted. My colleague announced he no longer wanted to work with me or own any part of the cottage. The woman who had been living there moved out. And Rory moved in. He’s been there almost eighteen months now and we have agreed this arrangement will extend far into the future. 

Like the roses, the intention is blossoming profusely. The manifestation is vibrant. The cottage is happy.

Manifestation. Many messages came through in Ireland that through a profoundly deepened relationship with the alliance energies – the ancestral, Earth, cosmic, and otherworld energies – there is an increased capacity for manifestation. And as I have been now walking with these energies over these past months, I know that to be true, as do others who were with me on that first Ireland journey. 

I’m beginning to understand how to navigate this capacity. How to be in right relationship with it. This is essential for spiritual integrity and worthy of more exploration. And so we shall. For we are called to manifest blooming intentions.


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  1. I’m happy to read that the roses are back–and teaching music! Happy for Rory’s whistle-playing, too. Learning and then living the energies of a house make for an impressive challenge. Thank you for sharing the story and success of this.

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