Sacred Knowing. Sacred Sovereignty.

July 29, 2022


People often speculate that I’m a witch. Some are bold enough to ask. I’m not. But I appreciate that it’s a convenient pigeon hole for the casual and perhaps even no so casual observer.

I do resonate with the origins of the word, generally one who holds a wisdom and knowing of sacred and otherworld energies. And while I also don’t find a resonance with ‘witchcraft’, I do know there is a craft essential to manifesting this knowing. There is tremendous power here. If we are honored to touch this power, we are called to be in right relationship with it and it seems this is where it can all go wrong.

This is a sacred alliance. While we hold a unique place in this alliance that allows us to amplify and direct the powerful energies present, this is about power with. Not power over. Too often our human nature wants our will and our way, not divine will and divine way. This is not about casting spells to get what we want. This is about the highest and greatest good. As much as we know or think we know the sacred energies, they also know us. They know absolutely the measure of our intention and integrity. 

I was reminded yesterday of the story of Aleister Crowley. Once a student of the Golden Dawn, he took short cuts that undermined the integrity of that tradition. He was kicked out of the organization but continued to exert his will, traveling a path of dark and black magic. 

This is a sacred alliance. Only when we stand in a place of integrity within our sacred sovereignty do we honor that alliance and our place in it. Only when we are in right relationship with this sacred knowing can we contribute to sacred manifestation. 

This is the inner work we are called to. To be rooted at all times in this sacred sovereignty and in right relationship with this sacred knowing. All the tools and chants and ceremonies and costumes mean nothing if we are not rooted in this place. 

Ah, yes. The costumes. Fodder for the next blog post.


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