Cloaking The Truth

July 30, 2022


Anthony Murphy is an amazing man and cherished friend. Throughout our long relationship we’ve joked about him being the Druid of Drogheda, his hometown nestled on the River Bóinne near Ireland’s east coast, and I’ve threatened to make him a cloak. Throughout our long relationship he has adamantly said he would never wear one. In this perhaps slightly worn and frayed joke we share, there is the mutual understanding that we are not into costumes for the work we do individually and together. In fact none of my colleagues in Ireland wear costumes which is one reason I work with them. 

Of course among my friends and colleagues there is Courtney Davis who is one of the most colorfully dressed men you would ever meet. And some might think his garb is costume. But it’s not. It’s simply a reflection of who he is, his authentic self. And that’s the point. 

I don’t need a cloak or costume for the energy I hold and the essence of who I am to be fully present. In fact a costume would hide the truth of that behind a mask of ancient tradition and symbolism which might be romantically decorative but which hold little relevance to who I am or the spiritual experiences and insights I offer. They certainly don’t enhance the power I hold but rather diminish the integrity of it through possible misunderstanding and misinterpretation. 

So I will leave my sewing machine for other projects. I do make most of my own clothes but I won’t be sewing any cloaks or costumes for myself or Anthony. I have no desire to cloak the truth.


2 thoughts on “Cloaking The Truth

  1. Funny thing, I think I am serious too. And I have no desire to dress up. I sew lots of my clothes. Some of them might look different than mainstream but that is the way sewing is. This post makes me feel comfortable in my own skin and present in the work I do without a costume and I appreciate that.

    • Ah. I’m so glad. I also sew clothes that are not mainstream…but my main stream for sure. Being comfortable in who we are is essential!

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