Soul Destiny

September 18, 2022


People ask me if I’m going to move to Ireland. No plans for it. But there is a part of me that has already moved here. This is my spiritual home.

I encountered this quote from John O’Donohue and…well…it’s so true. When we listen to our soul, our soul’s call, we do come home. To ourselves and our destiny.


Taxing Sensibilities

September 15, 2022


Now, why would you do that? No one around here pays property taxes. 

Neighbor Mick was up for coffee and this was his comment when I told him I had spent an hour on the phone with the Irish revenue people getting the taxes sorted for the cottage. My reaching out to pay taxes was clearly taxing Mick’s sensibilities. Dennis suggested it was perhaps an issue of more money than sense and Mick agreed.  However since our annual revenue bill is €90, or $89.92 with today’s exchange rate, it’s hardly an issue of money. 

When we bought the cottage it was listed as uninhabitable and thus no taxes were owed. Our solicitor counseled me to keep the property taxes current and I had been waiting to receive a bill from the revenue department. When nothing arrived I came to realize that it was up to me to change that designation on the tax roles. Which is what I did yesterday. Apparently I could have gone indefinitely with that uninhabitable designation because the revenue folks don’t seem to check. And it was left entirely up to me to determine the value of the cottage. Ah, the people would be up in arms if we were to do that, the revenue man told me. 

But what really caught my attention was the question about whether the house is currently occupied. Why would they care? It seems the answer to that question is rooted in a cultural heritage of being in right relationship in community, of taking care of community. Among the many things the revenue folks seem casually concerned about, there is a great concern for determining if there are vacant houses that could ease Ireland’s housing shortage. It’s a shortage that has been exacerbated by the recent influx of Ukrainian refugees and the government is scouring every available resource for the unhoused. 

I can’t imagine this happening in the States, whether letting houses slide around the tax roles indefinitely, or allowing the owners to set the tax value, or being concerned about providing homes for the unhoused. Ireland. A completely different taxing sensibility. 


Two Words

September 11, 2022


Two words.
Knowing. I use this word often to express a deep spiritual understanding. Yet it strikes me that while I intend a mind, body, and soul understanding, this word is much about the mind. Sensing. Perhaps that’s a better word. It’s certainly more suited to my experience.

I’ve long wished that I had the ability to see energies and entities of other realms and dimensions. Although there are moments when I can, I’ve come to a place of accepting that wishing and striving won’t get me there. In this now I am grateful that I am able to sense those energies and entities. And that sensing is strong, landing in my body as a vibration, sometimes specific and unique vibratory codes for specific connections.

I now have one for Ema.

Two words.
I knew when I got the message to call him. But it was the first two words Dennis spoke that dropped me to my knees. She’s gone. 

While we knew this was likely going to happen while I was in Ireland there is no preparation. I was blessed to be with loving people in the middle of a sacred journey and staying with wonderful B&B hosts who had recently lost their beloved dog and had brandy on hand.

She was gone. But apparently not.

The next day we were climbing the Hill of Uisneach when I found myself reaching down to pet her as she walked beside me. She was there. And with a very strong and specific vibratory signature, one that has become very familiar and comforting. Through an animal intuitive, Ema has often told me that she sees herself as part of my spiritual journey and just this past week, when we asked for one final contact, these messages came.

Ema arrived to talk with me as a fully expansive spirit. She is larger than ever, a Guide now, a Sage, and I could see her as an eternal girlfriend and sister to you. She knows from her life with you how to connect all beings’ hearts. She wants you to know she just stepped from your loving home into a shining continuum where her skills and knowledge become the nutrition of the needy.


Shortly after Ema left this physical plane, I was called to create this image with the last photo we took of her and some words borrowed and adapted from Hildegard von Bingen. Her song vibrates in my being. A sensory delight, and often accompanied by tears of grief and gratitude.

I love you sweet girl. Two words. Love. Forever. 



Always Simple. Not Always Easy.

September 9, 2022


Ah. I sensed the reaction to my last post as soon as I hit publish.

What? It’s just not that easy, this connection with sacred and cosmic energies! I agree. Totally. Simple, yes. Easy, no. While the simplicity of it is elegant, the manifestation of it can be challenging and messy. This journey of getting out of our heads and into a space where we are able to listen, where we are able to connect on a soul live, takes practice and discipline. And I admit I’m still very much a work in progress on this. More time on my meditation pillow is always a good thing.

What I do know is that when I’m there, it’s glorious and transcendent.



A Dance Of Cosmic Connection

September 9, 2022


Of course cosmic patterns don’t just come blasting to us and through us unawares, although they often need to slip past our conscious awareness. They arrive in a dance of awakening the resonant patterns we already hold. Although not always widely embraced, this is has been known throughout our human history. 

Most of us are familiar with Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man illustration from around the year 1487. We may be less familiar with what his notes suggest about the meaning of this work, that the proportional relationship of the parts reflects the universal design. He believed the workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe, a cosmografia del minor mondo (cosmography of the microcosm).

Any even cursory exploration of the worlds spiritual traditions will yield a similar understanding. The cultural interpretations and narratives differ, but the message is the same. We hold sacred energies and patterns within us. Some are embedded in our very DNA, something I’ve written about before especially noting that in recent decades scientific proof has been established. Apparently for some that’s important. Such is the state of our current collective conscious.

The concept of sacred patterns within human energy fields can be traced back to ancient India, where the Veda books speak about prana, a universal energy that flows through all living beings and makes them alive. The images we’ve created to reflect these energies and patterns are both complex and stunningly beautiful. Yet it’s not so complex and the true beauty is in the simplicity. 

The Universe has got this. Ours is to step back and let the dance begin. We know the pattern of the steps, we know the harmony…by heart and soul.  

It’s that simple. Let the dance begin!!!


And yes, this is the dance of the Sacred Gatherings in Ireland. Just saying. 

Patterns Of Wisdom

September 8, 2022


I don’t have a memory of it. I was three. But I have a clear image from the story told time and again by my parents. Sitting in front of the picture windows in the living room working on a wooden puzzle. It was a clown. I was determined to get the pieces in their proper places and apparently fell asleep on top of the puzzle when I did.

I’ve always loved puzzles, watching for the hidden patterns to emerge. This has served me well in my life, especially in my consulting work when I had the opportunity to engage with groups from different organizations. Looking past the individual goals and agendas to find the pattern of common ground for effective collaboration was exhilarating.

Now I’m watching different patterns emerge. Patterns far more complex and far beyond my brain’s comprehension. Patterns that hold a cosmic complexity woven with the sacred alliance of Earth, ancestral, astral, and otherworld energies. And they are far beyond any manifestations of mental gymnastics. They are the experience of body and soul. Heady stuff, but not head stuff.

These are the patterns of universal and sacred wisdom, patterns that are now woven in the fabric of my life. And the fabric of my life is now woven in this sacred pattern.

When people ask about what unfolded in Ireland this year and about the shifts and changes for the sacred Ireland journeys, I’m inclined to send them this image. For this is the essence of it. Surrendering to and welcoming the patterns and weaving of sacred wisdom.


And if this resonates, here is the flyer for next year’s Sacred Alliance Gatherings.