Intrinsic Patterns

October 27, 2022


To live in the knowing
that we are intrinsically woven
in the Sacred Alliance.

Among the many ancestral and otherworld entities that were with us in Ireland earlier this year, there were Druids. Scores of them. And they just seemed to accumulate. By the end of our spiritual journey they were with us constantly. They still are with us. Constantly.

While that’s impressive, if not just a bit daunting, it’s easy to get mesmerized by the Druidic archetype. Although there were many other sacred ancestral energies that joined us, the Druid presence was especially compelling as we stood in a landscape steeped in Druidic legend and lore. 

Druid. Shaman. Witch. Medicine Man. Medicine Woman. Wise Woman. Healer. Witch Doctor. Kahuna. Magician. Soothsayer. Wizard. Medium. There are many spiritual wisdom keeper archetypes. Merriam-Webster lists thirty-nine synonyms for shaman. These archetypes, these sacred personae, have been implicit in the rich and global heritage of spiritual wisdom. Yet we can easily get lost in the complexity of these various traditions and archetypes. It does seem our human nature has a tendency to make things complicated. We can easily lose sight of an underlying sacred pattern that is woven through all of these traditions and archetypes. It’s the pattern of connection to mystical realms. A strong, vibrant, and single thread woven through every wisdom tradition.

Through history, many of these traditions and archetypes have accumulated an abundance of nuanced legend and lore. In many cases it manifests as baggage that belies the indigenous origins. Stepping around this, I find a resonance in the generic and simplistic name mystic.

Mystics know that we inhabit many realms simultaneously and that the veils are thin between them. They know that there is a sacred web of all life and we are woven in it. They know that there is a Sacred Alliance of earth, ancestral, cosmic, and otherworld energies and we are part of it. And they know how to travel in those realms and merge with those alliance energies. This is the Light they hold and share in the world.

Mystics hold this magic. Mystics are also called to hold an integrity of purpose. They are called to manifest this magic in service, in service to this planet and all life on it. 

Mystics manifest this magic not for power over, but power with the Sacred Alliance. This is not about wearing the right costume or impressing others with elaborate rituals. There is a simplicity and potency here that can get lost in complex ceremonies. And yes, not all are able to hold this integrity of purpose. But those who can, those who do, navigate realms and forge sacred alliances to manifest wisdom and healing and wholeness.

Mystics. By any other name, they live in the knowing that we are woven in the Sacred Alliance. It’s intrinsic. And it shines a bright Light in our world. 


1 thought on “Intrinsic Patterns

  1. I keenly appreciate your clarity here. As you say, it gets complex, even though there is “A strong, vibrant, and single thread woven through every wisdom tradition.” Your exposition of mystics is compelling. There is power and also purpose; there is working with and through Alliance. Your raising up integrity makes so much sense and applying that to how and what they do.

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