The Wick Within

October 30, 2022


Ah, the blessings of sacred community. A sister emailed me with reflections on my last post, Intrinsic Patterns. She wanted to let me know that although she resonates with much of what I wrote, including the name mystic, she also names herself witch

And she included this writing from author Perdita Finn:

I call myself a witch not because I’m part of any organization (I most definitely am not) but because I claim that green wick of life within me that is my soul and connects me to all that grows and lives on this planet, that sends me dreams and visitations, wisdom and company, friendship and consolation.

I claim that name not because it brings forth a performative set of behaviors–but because everyone has the wick within them and the right to claim it as theirs and come alive again.

I absolutely resonate with what she writes. While I name it a sacred Light rather than a wick, I also believe we hold that animating force within us. Each of us. All of us. Just not quite lit in some. And I appreciate Perdita writing to the core truth that is that thread that runs through all traditions. It is the thread that connects is to all life on this planet and a thread that needs no performative set of behaviors.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that core truth was what we knew best about spiritual traditions? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that core truth was the brightest shining from every spiritual tradition?

It was a blessing to explore a bit more about this with a sister. It was also a blessing to find out about Perdita. I’m now subscribed to receive her newsletters. Way of the Rose is her website. Thanks, Anne!