Radical Imagination

November 6, 2022


I fell asleep last night crafting the most amazing sentence to describe the current state of our nation. But I don’t think you need the metaphor of a raging fire fueled by fear and anger. We all know the state and story of this nation is not good. And we also know that no mid-term election, regardless the outcome, is going to change that.

In these final days before the election we are being asked by both parties to imagine a dark future and they are more than willing to provide the dark details. Yes. I get it. It’s looking grim. Yet this is not the time to surrender the focus of our imagination to fear and anger.

Imagination and creativity are sacred gifts. Individually and together they are powerful. As story tellers, we hold this power to imagine a different future, a brighter future. As creators, we hold this power to shape and manifest that story. 

So. Am I oblivious to the disaster narrative flowing through our nation? Of course not, and it’s important to keep an eye on what’s unfolding without being consumed by it. Am I worried? Of course I am. This raging fire will continue to burn.

But worried or not, it’s time to claim the integrity and sovereignty of our creative imagination. Because it’s time for some inspired and radical imagining. 


3 thoughts on “Radical Imagination

  1. Just the perfect words for today….very grateful for the spark of creativity in this perilous moment,

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