Who Knows?

November 7, 2022


Who knows how to get us out of this mess? It’s a question so many are asking. Beyond the ridiculous claims and promises of political rhetoric, who really knows?

Well, the ancestors do. And we do. This was my immediate recent response to this question. The knowing of how to shift this narrative of anger, fear, and enemy conscious is in all of us. And the wisdom in this knowing comes to us through our intrinsic human nature, our ancestral heritage both biological and soul force, and the ancestors themselves. Through the ages there have been voices of wisdom about how to be in right relationship with the earth, the sacred, and each other. These times are an urgent invitation to deep listening for that wisdom to fire our creative imaginations. 

With the elections tomorrow, this piece below, which I believe I’ve shared before, seems incredibly relevant. Irish culture is based in the Brehon Laws and the underlying principle that everyone has value and further, that communities thrive only when that value is recognized and appreciated. It’s basic civil decency.

A person’s honor and honor price were no small matter and the sums were significant. We know in Irish history that satire pieces were written, generally by the Bards, as punishing commentary on someone’s bad character or behavior. The belief in the power of satire was so strong that painful boils would appear on the face of the subject of the satire. This was considered just satire. The unjust would pay a high price.

There were no police to enforce these laws. No police were necessary. It was shared community consensus that this was how they would live together in right relationship, and shared community cooperation was all the enforcement necessary. 

Ancestral wisdom. Welcome reminders of what is possible. And this is what I choose to feed my creative imagination. Because…who knows?