Magical Thinking

June 28, 2023


I sensed changes were coming. And I sensed they would be life changing. So I stopped writing blog posts, thinking I would have something more significant to write about. And I waited. The waiting was hard because I love writing and at the same time know that my best writing comes through me when the time is right. I write because something wants to be written and I kept hoping that some profound insight in the midst of these changes would come through. 

Magical thinking. Because it didn’t, as many of you have observed and commented. Where did she go? An excellent question. Because where I went and where I am and where I’m going…well, there’s no coming back. Nor is there a desire to do so. 

I had a knowing, and perhaps more a hope, that these shifts and changes would become more clear with my time here in Ireland. And they have. And they have not. Because while some changes have landed, others are still arriving and will continue to arrive with a depth and intensity that is profound. There is no roadmap for this journey, no guide books for these new patterns that are unfolding, and for someone who likes to be in control that’s more than a bit unnerving. It’s a complete surrender to Spirit, anchored in the wisdom of my spiritual teachers. 

Now, as I complete my time here in Ireland with some wonderful quiet days for contemplation, listening, and integration, the magical thinking of waiting has shifted to the mystical thinking and knowing that consumes me and wants a voice.


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