June 30, 2023


Over the years I’ve taken people up to my favorite craft village just outside Donegal Town. Amazing artists there, including jeweler Niall Bruton. I had taken the May group up only to find his shop closed for family bereavement. So the day before wandering up there with the June group I decided to email him to see if he would be there. He would be. 

When we walked in, everyone immediately gravitated to pieces they would purchase. And there were many. I was immediately drawn to this gold ring. I generally wear silver and the price of the ring was…well, what you would expect for gold. And then there was the name of this piece, Turbulence. So I was curious about my strong attraction to it.

I went for a cup of coffee, thinking that being away from the ring would lessen the attraction. But it didn’t. So I returned to his shop and bought it. He only charged me the price of the gold. As I was leaving he asked that the next time I come up would I please give him more notice. He explained that when he got my email he panicked because he knew he didn’t have enough of the pieces my people generally buy. Seriously? Yes, I’ve been bringing people to his shop for years. But very sporadically.

Niall stayed late into the night creating rings and necklaces. Pieces that were, in fact, all purchased by those with me that day. Amazing. 

Turbulence. Some of those with me were very surprised that I would purchase a ring with that name and energy. Why would I invite that into my life?

Well. With what has been coming through in the last weeks and months, it wasn’t a matter of invitation. The turbulence has already arrived. Purchasing and wearing the ring was symbolic of honoring that arrival and acknowledging that in this turbulent time, new patterns would be created. Patterns of my life, patterns of body, mind, and soul. This ring is about embracing these changes and celebrating these new patterns. And yes, gold is the perfect metal to hold all this. 

Turbulence. Sometimes it’s about dancing with what shows up.


5 thoughts on “Turbulence

  1. Well, it is a gorgeous ring. And curious, if not surprising, that it drew you. And that’s something about the jeweler wanting to make sure he has enough when you bring a group around. Locally famous (you are), I’d say.

    • Ah. Amazing, and then not, that you know the ring found me. Not the other way round. Gracious comment. But I have been going to and taking groups to Ireland for 20+ years. And have developed something of a community there. A tribe.

  2. Such resonance in this post, Judith. A reminder that there is beauty in the turbulence of our lives. I love your insight that new patterns emerge from these energies. Beautiful.

  3. I so love your posts, Judith! I feel drawn to your words as I always did when we saw each other regularly.
    It is so interesting how we are drawn to a certain place or person; there is always a reason, Enjoy the process!
    P.S. Happy Birthday yesterday!

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