The Appearance Of Signs

July 6, 2023


To the poet, to the philosopher, to the saint,
all things are friendly and sacred,
all events profitable, all days holy….”
 Ralph Waldo Emerson

For those of us who wander in many realms of reality, any messages or insights we receive are through signs and symbols and perhaps a general sense of knowing. We are always open to receiving. The challenge is knowing whether there is a true appearing sign, or just the appearance of a sign. Just because a bald eagle swoops low and lands on a branch outside my office window, which happened recently, doesn’t necessarily mean anything. In this case it was just hunting a rabbit. 

My recent journey back from Ireland took five days. It seemed flight cancellations happened just as I had loaded my luggage in the car for the drive to the airport. And it seemed rebooking flights and calling to extend my car hire contract became morning rituals. After more delays, I was able to land in Seattle. However my luggage apparently decided a sleep over in the Newark airport was a good idea. They just got delivered yesterday. In twenty years of traveling to Ireland, I’ve never experienced anything like this. 

Looking for the light of insight in this chaotic unfolding, some have suggested it was perhaps not wise to have purchased the turbulence ring. Other have suggested that Ireland didn’t want to let me go or that I had more to do there before I could fly back to MossTerra. It’s true that the extra days in Ireland afforded me an extraordinary encounter and expanded network. However I’m not convinced that proves any divine influence in this. While it’s tempting to think that the universe and what unfolds is all about me, it’s not. And the ring? Bringing the ring into my life just allowed me to be more prepared for this or any other turbulence. 

Yes. Sometimes there are clear signs of otherworld influences. When we were in ceremony at one of the sacred sites, I was compelled to deliver an individual message to each one gathered in the circle and apparently my eyes turned a bright blue during that time. Happened more than once, actually. Then, when I took a friend to one of the sites at Solstice, he was welcomed to the site by two Druidic figures from an ancient time. 

But sometimes when we think we see signs, they just aren’t there and we are reading way too much into what’s happening. Sometimes it’s just a bald eagle catching a rabbit.  

I agree with Emerson’s perspective. As a spiritual woman, I do believe that all things are sacred and all events are profitable. It’s a matter of discernment about whether we are encountering the true appearance of insights and messages, or whether we are encountering what only appears to be an event or insight or message of profound spiritual significance.  

Appearance. It’s a tricky landscape to navigate. 


3 thoughts on “The Appearance Of Signs

  1. Sometimes a sign is just a sign that says “canceled.” I’m sorry you went through what you did go through (and your luggage). Relieved to know you landed at last in the homely (home) sense. Welcome back. I believe that you and Emerson are right to appreciate the sancrosanct nature of all things. And when the bird of prey (or the rabbit) brings or is a message for you, you’ll be ready. I heard another quotation from Emerson today. He said that if every man cleared his snow, then the city would be free of snow. My guess is he’s pretty literal here.

    • Laughing. There was a sign in a cafe in Ireland that said ‘If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.’ Exactly. I love that Emerson quote. Thank you. And yes…good to be home here at MossTerra. Although now both here and the cottage in Ireland are so very much home for me. Living in two places….

  2. What a delight to have you back. My vision of you descending into the womb of Mother Earth is affirmed!

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