Call Me Judy

August 12, 2023


The name didn’t register. Not when I opened the email notification from PayPal letting me know someone had ordered my Crone book. It was her personal email that followed immediately. Is this the same Judy Nilan who went to WSU?

OMG!!! Wanda! The fabric of time snapped and folded back on itself. I was again on campus at Washington State University fifty years ago. I was living in the former fraternity house with so many other campus radicals. I was protesting the war, boycotting grapes and lettuce in support of Cesar Chavez and the farmworkers, I was fighting for women’s rights, black rights, and gay rights. I was on fire with a passion for social and environmental justice. And I was called Judy. 

Wanda was with me in all of that. And we were a formidable force. Then we lost contact, as too often happens after university, and it was when she was exploring her Irish spiritual heritage that she found my book. After one zoom call, she signed up to go to Ireland.

We immediately slipped into a very familiar relationship and rhythm. Fifty years of time became no time. Others said it was like we had known each other all our lives. And apparently we have. Our separate paths have lead us back together to stand deeply rooted in a knowing of our spiritual and sacred purpose. And we are again a formidable force. While we are no longer stomping grapes, we are merging with cosmic and otherworld  energies to amplify the Light in the world. The Light that emanates from Ireland’s sacred sites and landscapes. We are again on fire. This time with a passion for spiritual awakening. 

Wanda tried to call me Judith. But it didn’t fit. So I asked her to please call me Judy. In that naming of me, I love the symmetry and full circle of the passing years. I love that we are back together. I love that Judy is back. And I love that she’s back with Wanda. 

Watch out, world!


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