Embracing Death

I’m here. I’m doing well. And I’m not planning to embrace death any time soon, God willing, as they say in Ireland. I am reminded that at one time the Irish did very much embrace death. In fact it was cause for great celebration, those events now known to us as Irish wakes. They believed absolutely in the Otherworld and were actually sad when a baby was born from that glorious and care free world into this world of trials, travails, and tears. Returning to that world was reason for great joy.

The following excerpt from John O’Donohue’s poem Entering Death reflects this heritage of knowing. The image is of Tír na nÓg, the Otherworld. Indeed it is the home we never left.

Tir Na Nog

I pray that you will have the blessing
Of being consoled and sure about your death.

May you know in your soul
There is no need to be afraid.

When your time comes, may you have
Every blessing and strength you need.

May there be a beautiful welcome for you
In the home you are going to.
You are not going somewhere strange,
Merely back to the home you have never left.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com 


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