Watching For Boils

To announce that there must be no criticism
of the President, or that we are to stand by the President,
right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile,
but it is morally treasonable to the American public. 
President Theodore Roosevelt

This week Trump called a meeting with leaders of our national media. Some thought perhaps they were going to discuss how the media and the White House were going to work together. Wrong. They were there more for monologue than dialogue. They were there for a dressing down. It’s reported that Trump scolded, “We’re in a room of liars, the deceitful dishonest media who got it all wrong.”

The kings of ancient Ireland didn’t have media to contend with. They had bards. And I have to think they would have preferred the former. Bards had great power, in fact irish-kingsecond only to the king. They held the stories of and for the people. They were the guardians of poetry and poetic justice. If they determined a king was not acting in accordance with expectations for that leadership position, they would create a satire upon him. Among the poet’s powers was the ability to compose a satire that would bring ruin on the subject. Kings especially feared the poet’s satire for it could cause them to lose their right to rule.

If the satire was true, and it generally was, the king lost face figuratively and literally. For Irish legend tells us that satire could cause the immediate appearance of facial boils. And fundamental to a king’s ability to rule was that he must be free of blemish. Moral and physical.

So, carry on SNL. I’ll be watching for boils.

Judith –

No Apologies

“But it’s MY truth,” she shouted. This strong assertion came from a client several years ago. Yes, it was her truth, based on her life experiences and world view. And, like all good counselors, I had read the 1969 publication of I’m OK – You’re OK and was trying to give gracious accommodation to this perspective she clung to so tenaciously. Well. That was then. This is now.

NYTimes columnist Paul Krugman wrote on his blog the day after the election, … it’s always important to remember that elections determine who has the power, not who has the truth.  His statement has resonated with me these last two weeks. And it begs the question, what is the truth? While I don’t presume to know what definition of ‘truth’ Krugman would provide, I sense he’s not talking about the truths of individual perspectives. There is something bigger here. Something universal.

golden-ruleThere are fundamental beliefs and concepts found in wisdom and spiritual traditions around the world. Beliefs about how to be in right relationship with the Earth and each other. The Golden Rule is embedded in at least thirteen major world religions. Concepts of compassion, human dignity, Earth sovereignty, social justice are rooted in the ancient traditions of most cultures and manifest in many current cultures. 

I believe…no, I know that we all hold a divine nature. Yes, it’s hard to see in some, but it’s present in all of us. We are all part of the web of life and it is from this place of sacred knowing and shared cosmology that we recognize and embrace what is truth. What is universal truth. 

Yes. There is a new administration that will hold political and economic power. And what they do with it won’t be good. But we hold the truth.

I aspire to have all my actions based in universal truth. Those who’s actions are not similarly based, those who hold to their truth of hatred, subjugation, violence, and domination…well, I shall try to see the sacred light in them, but I will not accommodate their beliefs and actions. It’s not OK. And for that I make no apologies.

Judith –

If We Can’t Dance

Life under Fomorian rule was a life of despair. It was a reign of terror, oppression, taxes, subjugation, and the obliteration of individual and human rights. However the final straw for the Tuatha Dé was when the Fomorians stole the Harp of Dagda, they stole the music. musicFor beyond the music of harp and drum and fiddle, they were stealing the Oran Mór, the great universal melody that sings through all life. And with the loss of this sacred harmony, the people were in danger of losing their soul.

Now, within the cacophony and discord that clashes all around us, we must take back the harp. For without the music we will not survive these dark times. Musicians must play. Poets and writers must write. Artists must create. And we must all sing and dance. We must keep the Oran Mór alive and vibrant in our people and the world.

Lately, I’ve been thinking back to the 60s. When we were engaged in the anti-war and civil rights movements on college campuses and across the country, within all the music and philosophy of those times there were the words of Emma Goldman. If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.

Yes, these times are filled with horrific events. But if we don’t sing, if we don’t dance, if we don’t keep the sacred harmony alive in all of us, then the most horrific event will be losing our soul.

Judith –

It’s Time For Wizards & Hobbits

The great mythographer Joseph Campbell
said, on more than one occasion,
that he believed a new mythology for our time
was not only needed but on its way.

When I read this wizards and hobbits statement on the FB post of a friend recently, I was struck by the wisdom of it. We could use the energy of this mythology. We could use the energy of all mythology right now. And it’s time to step beyond our contemporary thinking that mythology is just fiction. For there are historical and cultural truths embedded in the mythologies of any culture. In fact Robert Graves wrote that Irish mythology is history. 

the-tuatha-shieldSo while it may stretch the boundaries of plausibility to think of ancient spiritual ancestors emerging from the sacred mounds of Ireland’s megalithic landscape, there is something here for us. I’ve been in communication with Anthony Murphy around many issues, including my recent writings. In his latest email he noted that the Tuatha Dé did not fear the tyrannical and oppressive Fomorians. Fear is the weapon and power of tyrants. Standing fully in their power as people of Light and Peace, the Tribe vanquished these oppressors. The lesson in this, Anthony wrote, is “Do not fear.” 

Indeed. For when we stand rooted in the truth of who we are as sacred people, people of passion and compassion, people of wisdom and creativity, people dedicated to the well-being of this planet and all who live on her, we stand in our power. We stand in harmony with each other and the Universe. And as sacred musicologist Joachim-Ernst Berendt wrote, harmony is the goal of the Universe.

There is a shared knowing that when we are on the right path in life the Universe shows up to support us. So how implausible could it be that in these times we would be supported by energies from another dimension and realm, by Ireland’s spiritual ancestors? 

Judith –

Are We Ready?

fomorianThey were a malevolent presence in the world. They wished to defy nature itself, to mold the world to their own selfish will. They wreaked havoc everywhere they went and, left unchecked, would bring ruination to the earth and all life. They had to be stopped.

Although it could seem I’m writing about our current political dynamics, this is a story from ancient Ireland. A story of when Ireland’s spiritual ancestors encountered, defeated, and banished the evil race of Fomorian giants.

And then life was good. For a while. These spiritual ancestors, the Tuatha Dé, the Divine Tribe, were also known as the People of Peace, the People of Light, the Magical Crowd. With their influence, those energies were present in the land. But then the Celtic people arrived bringing with them the full mix of human attributes, including the desire for domination. And the Celts became determined to dominate and defeat the Divine Tribe. It didn’t go well. Yes, the Tribe could have vanquished these new arrivals but they saw in these people that there was good as well as evil. And they had hope for them.

So the Tribe decided to retreat into the landscape, into the sídhe mounds, into another realm where sidhe-awakeningthey could wait and watch. Perhaps these people would one day come to a place where they would embrace the Light. Perhaps one day they would embrace Peace. Then, when times are dark and the people are ready, they would emerge from the mounds to bring the Light back into the world. This is their promise. This is the prophecy. But they won’t do it for us. They will only do it with us.

Well. It seems the Fomorians have returned. Within this prophesied time of darkness and awakening, the Tuatha Dé are now waiting for us to embrace our sacred and divine nature. They are waiting for enough of us to manifest the best aspects of humanity so that we many join with them in manifesting Light in the world. They are waiting for us. Are we ready?

Judith –

Note: Dear friend and colleague Anthony Murphy has just published a novella on this story, The Cry Of The Sebac. It’s uplifting, hopeful, and brilliant. It’s available on Kindle through Amazon. 



Wow. Well. Here we are. Many voices predicted we would arrive here, but it was just so hard to believe. So hard to fathom.

I’m not talking about the voices who foretold the outcome of the election. I’m talking about the voices of long ago. Voices who have, through centuries and even thousands of years, foretold of this time. This time of darkness. This time of possible awakening. Some prophecies speak of this time in apocalyptic terms. And although this may not be ‘the’ apocalypse the dire nature of where we stand certainly holds that energy.

A sister just sent me this statement from The Great Council of Grandmothers. It is worth sharing, for the clarity and the hope.

grandmother-watchingWe are watching you as you struggle to find safe harbor in the world around you as storms and disappointments rage everywhere. Nations are quaking now, the land under your feet is quaking, hallowed institutions are falling and it’s difficult to find steady ground.

What is taking place in your world is not a terrible mistake. The present upheaval in society must occur. And no good will come from blaming others for the ills you see around you.

What you are witnessing is The Great Shift that was foretold long, long ago. It is here now and you have a part to play in it. Whenever you link with any form of the Divine you love, you are able to hold steady, even while everything about you is collapsing. At this point in time it is impossible to find stability in the outer world, so don’t waste your time looking for it.

Do not respond to this world-wide upheaval by falling into despair and hiding yourself away, but instead gather with those who, like you, are also seeking the highest good.

You are supposed to be here on earth. You took birth at this time in history because you wanted to be part of this great change. So quiet your heart now as you turn within to the presence that has never left you and never will.

I do believe we were born for this time. And I am grateful for the ancestor wisdom to guide us…especially the wisdom of the Tuatha Dé. We have felt their awakening. We have felt their emergence from the sídhe mounds. It is time.

Judith –